Workflow Management to Process Automation

How Digital Experiences Pave the Way for Digital Transformation

About this event

Processes are the foundational element of how things get done within an organization. But how those processes get implemented and managed has changed in recent years. Collaboration and work management methods are no longer sufficient to keep pace with rapid change in business processes. Workflow automation can orchestrate business processes, allowing leaders to both articulate what the business needs and provide employees the tools to build that application.

In keeping up with the latest recommendations from leading analysts such as Gartner, it is clear that digital experiences are the key to automating existing workflows and processes to create strategic, coordinated processes that make collaboration work across teams. Join this upcoming session as we explore:

  • Why digital experiences are transforming traditional workflow management processes
  • How online retailer Lacoste saved its team 1,000 hours of labor they used to spend processing reimbursement requests manually in email and spreadsheets
  • What multinational shipping line company, Ocean Network Express (ONE), did to integrate RPA and Pipefy to create a simplified digital experience


The Digital Experience - Why top companies are relying on digitization to transform their processes

Voices from the Trenches - How global companies Lacoste and Ocean Network Express were able to create experiences to digitally transform their accounting and billing processes

Citizen Development Application and Uses - Why Citizen Developers now have the tools they need to automate their own business process

Closing Remarks